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Chill out in our Cryosauna.

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Step into our cryosauna to experience the benefits of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is an evidence-based treatment that safely reduces your body temperature while increasing endorphins, adrenaline and oxygen supply. As you adapt to the cold, three times more oxygen and blood is drawn to your core to protect your vital organs. This causes your circulation and metabolism to increase, and your blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow to inflamed areas. Once outside the cryosauna, your blood vessels expand, and an increased presence of anti-inflammatory proteins are found in your blood.

•    Speeds up muscle recovery
•    Reduces muscle soreness, pain and inflammation
•    Stimulates collagen production
•    Reduces white fat cells
•    Boosts metabolism
•    Strengthens immune system
•    Reduces stress levels (cortisol)
•    Improves sleep and relaxation
•    Clears and tightens skin


Before entering the cryosauna:
•    Remove all clothing except for undergarments and remove all jewelry. Our Cryo Room includes a private changing area and robe for your comfort.
•    Towel off any excess moisture (sweat, body oil, lotions) 
•    Make sure no wounds are exposed 
•    Put on the provided protective mittens, socks, and booties


In the cryosauna:
•    A staff member will set the appropriate temperature and time limit (up to 3 minutes) for your body
•    An opening at the top of our cryosauna allows you to breathe freely and avoid claustrophobia
•    You may make gentle movements to keep warm, but avoid large movements 


After exiting the cryosauna:

•    Re-dress and move around in order for your body to regain its normal temperature
•    It will take between 5-15 minutes for your body to adjust
•    Newly invigorated blood will flow back into your extremities, causing your veins to dilate and improve overall circulation


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